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Female SAP Intership Experience Project student using VR glasses

SAP Internship Experience Program

Making room for all dreamers and disruptors

At SAP, we believe experience and opportunity are paramount. Our interns step into dynamic teams and work on projects where cross-collaboration, creativity, and learning abound.


What makes our paid internship program different to any other? It’s simple: our interns transform the way we conduct business. Our interns:

  • Run campaigns that hit the bottom line
  • Develop some of the latest technologies and products
  • Learn from business executives
  • Meet with top talent around the world

The SAP iXp Song

Sometimes, words aren't enough, that's why our SAP iXp team came together to celebrate our worldwide intern community and recognize the amazing achievements! The "SAP iXp Song" is an original song performed by our SAP Internship Experience Program team around the world.

How do our interns bring their X factors to SAP?

See what our interns think about our X factors and how they bring them to life in their day-to-day work at SAP. With the SAP Internship Experience Program, we seek to create the space for interns to find purpose in their careers. Interns join cohorts and participate in social networking, on-site learning sessions and fun social events that encourage community and personal growth.   

Through the intern lens: evolving with experience at SAP

What makes SAP internships stand out? Meet three interns who joined the SAP Internship Experience Program from different places and backgrounds. Each of their journeys lead them to learn new skills, network with peers, and discover personal growth.

Providing space to explore, discover and drive your purpose

+1700 interns

across 22 countries

Reimagining the internship experience

We believe that internships are more than just a name on a resume. They’re a chance to shape your network, try new things, fail forward, and learn outside your comfort zone. How can you do that? The opportunities are endless:

  • Attending online and in-person training from industry thought-leaders
  • Meeting and learning from executives
  • Mentoring with leaders across SAP
  • Building communities with skill-based volunteer opportunities
  • Participating in social and networking events

Meet some of our interns and alumni

Helen Zou

I am honoured to have the opportunity to join the SAP Internship Experience
Program. I have been working as an intern at SAP for more than two months and during this time, I participated in many interesting training and activities, including SAP iXp Orientation, Express Yourself Bravely and New Year Party, and I've also joined many clubs, such as TFC Reading Club, Dalian Toastmasters Club, etc. Through these opportunities, I was fortunate to get to know many like-minded friends and exercise my communication and expression skills, which benefited me a lot.

Cristiano Farias

I believe I might be the oldest intern at SAP, I'm 36 years old. And because of that, I'm very grateful for the opportunity. In 2020, due to the pandemic, I decided to study again in a new area. I have always loved technology, and working at SAP iXp gives me the opportunity to learn a lot, even more than in college. Also, here my colleagues are very special, they are always open to help and teach me, very patiently. I believe my future will be great at SAP.

Inga Hauksdottir

The SAP Internship Experience Program has provided me with great networking opportunities, connected me with fellow interns and SAP employees around the world, and supported me in my personal growth. I embarked on a journey filled with learnings and challenges that has helped me in finding my purpose and passion at SAP. Also, being part of the Nordic & Baltic Intern Committee allowed me to organize various events with executives at SAP who shared their career tips and tricks that I found extremely valuable and inspiring.

Abhishek Singh

Joining SAP iXp was a proud moment for me. It feels great to be among handful of talent selected by SAP for its award winning global internship program. SAP iXp made my onboarding look so easy and exciting, even when 100% virtual and its offerings such as Power Hours and Career Week have got me absolutely glued to it. It is so satiating to jump right into fast paced project execution mode while being supported with a great and caring team. Being part of SAP iXp is something that really stood out right from the beginning is the fact that since I joined the company, I have been treated the same way as a regular employee is treated.

Nicolette Brewer
United States

Working at SAP has allowed me toapply both my academic majors into the real world. Translating my skills into the internship program is incredibly rewarding, especially because I am able to collaborate with a global team, which is something I have not gotten to do at school or any of my previous jobs. Working with other senior members around the world has exposed me to new perspectives about the business/public policy sector that I will use for the rest of my career.

Mohammed Rayan Sailani

SAP is the freedom to work with the best technologies and enjoy them. SAP is the
opportunity to contribute to projects that impact huge business positively. SAP
is the thrill that I get out of working with passionate members of my team. SAP
is the knowledge that I get out of contacting every colleague who's very ready
to share knowledge. SAP is the satisfaction of working on novel products and
technologies that are sure to make the world a better place for all with a
brighter future. That makes SAP my home.

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