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Ekaterina Andreeva 

Solution Architect

Ekaterina's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


I think what I love most about the culture here is the openness. In my role there are many questions raised everyday. But I know that I have a whole SAP team that I can contact even though we might have never met personally.

Ekaterina Andreeva 


All my hobbies are pretty much extreme sports. Depending on the season I like snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding and kiting. SAP allows me to have enough time to dedicate to my hobbies and to my family. Time for family is especially important, since my parents live in another city. It’s great that I can work remotely sometimes to spend more quality time with my parents.

As a Solution Architect I work closely with Sales to help to articulate the value of SAP solutions and explain to customers how different solutions can help to achieve company’s short-term and long-term goals.

In this role you don’t really have a “typical” day. There are many different things I might work on from day to day; customer meetings; preparing system demonstrations; creating presentations; sales plays and innovation scenarios; holding webinars or watching webinars to learn something new; and many more things. I can spend the whole day out of the office meeting customers, travelling to another country to give a presentation, holding customer events, or quietly be at my desk making something cool.

The biggest challenge in my role is to always stay at the cutting edge. The solutions I position to customers are developing new technology, a rising economical and situational changes. That means I can never have “enough” knowledge of something. But at the same time, I can share this information to customers to inspire them for a change and help customers to find new ways of doing things they never thought of.

I get excited about my role for a few reasons. Firstly, every day I learn something new. It is a mandatory skill for Presales – to be hungry for the unknown. Secondly, I have a chance to talk to people from very different industries, starting with family offices and tech start-ups through to big oil and gas companies. Also, I get to travel a lot!

It was the SAP Academy for Sales and Presales that brought me to SAP. I was looking for a career after graduation and found the program. There were no restrictions for working or educational background and the program and its curriculum impressed me – especially as 6 months of the training was held in California. To me, that meant SAP invests a lot in training employees and aims to hire “for life”. I applied, but tried to not get my hopes high, as there were 500 applicants for only one lucky spot. And I was chosen! SAP Academy was indeed a life changing experience.

I remember my motivation to apply as if it happened yesterday. I read about projects that SAP was involved and thought that I would want to be a part of something innovative and big.

liked that SAP is ready to hire you as a young specialist and train you. It speaks a lot about employee care.

From the day one I was lucky with my managers. With all four of them I had professional relationships based on trust. They always heard my wishes and found ways to promote me, promote my visibility and develop me as an expert. There also a few colleagues who were my trusted advisors during my career development.

I think what I love most about the culture here is the openness. In my role there are many questions raised every day. But I know that I have a whole SAP team that I can contact even though we might have never met personally.

Personally, for me success is doing what you love, doing something meaningful to you. That is the only way how you will do your best to get your job done. At SAP I always have a few options for my next career move. There are many ongoing internal projects that I can take part of. We have different options to learn via shadowing, trainings, mentoring. So, it’s up to me what to choose to be successful.

I try to celebrate the little moments. For instance, a successful demo or presentation makes me feel motivated and excited. Throughout these years I have had quite a few best moments: first presentation, first deal closed, etc. But I think the most memorable and meaningful was a graduation from SAP Academy with 38 peers from all around the world.

Besides the many perks and benefits that this company offers, SAP became more than just an employer to me. For instance, many of my colleagues have become my good friends. We spend a lot of time together outside of work and even go on vacations together. I can say with confidence that great people work for this company. And that’s what I love the most about SAP.

When I was a child, I wanted to be either a flight attendant or a truck driver. I know these are very different jobs. I think I was torn between those career paths because they both travel a lot and get to see the world. Well, in Russia we do have a saying “Fear what you dream of”!

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