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Dominik's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


We see knowledge silos as a burden. The team is collectively responsible for any piece of the solutions we develop. We reflect often and early on the way we practice software development, to get the best out of us.

Dominik Brunner

Dominik Brunner has worked at the SAP office in Tagerwilen since 2011.

I was born in a small town near Würzburg in Southern Germany and like many of my peers I was fascinated by the opportunities a personal computer gives to satisfy one’s creativity. I spent a lot of my free time as a youth programming small computer games as a hobby. Soon this hobby raised more and more questions on how to create the required algorithms and how to best structure the code of more complex pieces of software.

So, years before finishing school I knew the discipline of study I would once choose would be related to computer science. Fortunately, I landed a perfect hit by enrolling in Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.

Not only were a lot of my questions on how to best practice software development academically answered, but I also had the chance to participate in multiple related student projects. I completed my studies with a diploma thesis on how to enable Enterprise Service Bus technology for the cloud. This was before cloud architectures evolved further to Microservices.

When in 2011 I applied for my first job at a small company called SAF Simulation, Analysis and Forecasting AG in Tägerwilen, Switzerland. At the time of me applying for this role, the business was acquired by SAP.

In my current role, being a developer in an agile development team, I work on development tasks as well as architectural tasks. The software development department in Tägerwilen is part of a unit that develops products for consumer industries with a focus on the retail industry. Over the years we became well-known within SAP for being experts on forecasting algorithms in that area and for delivering high quality work by following good software engineering practices.

What excites me about this area of the business is being challenged every day on how to best fulfill the needs of the users of our solutions. Almost always new software products are developed and perfected over the course of years. You are always seeking the balance of delivering something to try out for potential customers fast, while still being able to extend your product on the feedback given. Without applying state-of-the-art software engineering practices regarding requirements analysis, software design, software craftsmanship, you sooner than later find yourself in a dead-end street.

Becoming part of the team in Tägerwilen that were already on the way to perfecting their craft when I joined is priceless. Everyone brings their own background, be it mathematics, data science, software design, agile software development practices. And everyone is willing to share this knowledge to the others.

We see knowledge silos as a burden. The team is collectively responsible for any piece of the solutions we develop. We reflect often and early on the way we practice software development, to get the best out of us.

From my perspective we have succeeded when the user of our software - the employees of our customers - achieve results, they would never have thought are possible. And to succeed even more on that goal I believe we as SAP are constantly improving and reinventing ourselves each day a little bit.

SAP is a global company. I once told a friend it sometimes feels that by going to the office I travel through the world – at least virtually. I enjoy having the chance to work together with colleagues of other countries on the same projects.

Outside of the office I spend as much as time as possible with my family. We regularly put the children in our electric cargo bike and leave the town for some nature retreat. Furthermore, I read a lot. The invention of E-books came to my rescue. However, I still own cartons fully packed with non-fiction books about entrepreneurship, biographies, software development, business model design, financial investing, personal development and more. By reading I attempt to stay open minded for the ideas of other people especially in areas which are not fully related to my daily work.

As a family we have travelled a lot which brought us to different cultures outside Europe. We prefer to organize our travels individually. While I often had doubts about the impact of long-range travel for the environment, I still believe getting to know other cultures and world regions in person has made me a more open minded human being.



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