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Johannes' story

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What I really like about SAP is that I can directly approach anybody. People are willing to help and support you wherever they can. It feels like that there is no barrier between colleagues, and we can interact in a more relaxed and friendly way.

Johannes Dillmann  

Johannes Dillmann is a Developer with Business Technology Platform Core, SAP’s foundation to the Intelligent Enterprise. Having joined SAP in 2020, he shared some thoughts on his first year at SAP.

My story with SAP started during my studies in computer science. I first joined SAP for my practical semester and worked for SAP Research in Walldorf. My team developed project management software for managing research projects. It was quite fun, and I decided to stay on as a working student. However, I soon realized that the distance between my university in Karlsruhe and Walldorf was proving a challenge, so I made the decision to quit. My next stop was SAP Karlsruhe where I wrote my Bachelor thesis.

Both experiences left a really good impressions of SAP: A strong team and bright minds that can drive the future.

After my Bachelors’ and Masters, I joined a small start-up in Karlsruhe in the area of software testing. After three years of hard work, this was shut down. Finding a new job during a pandemic was not an easy task but having returned to SAP I found both a safe place to work and interesting challenges.

How do I explain my role to my friends? This is a tough one. Mostly I say that I’m working on improving SAP’s cloud platform. As non-developers have different views of what “the cloud” is (and is not), it does not make explaining it any easier.

My day usually starts at 8:00 with reading mails or checking what my latest open-source contributions are doing (we work on certain open-source projects and most times feedback arrives in the time between workdays). At 9:00 we have our daily meeting where we discuss what happened yesterday and what we’re going to work on today. A speciality of my team is that we always work in pairs. We usually decide who’s going to work with whom by rolling the dice each morning. Besides regular meetings, we then pick a task or continue to work on one. Most of the time we develop in Go or Python.

What really excites me is working together with people from all over the world. We recently had a colleague from India joining our team for some weeks. Getting to know him, learning about his culture, how he solves problems and learning the tricks he knows was a real pleasure.

In May I started working on a project with colleagues from Israel, a project outside of my team. I really enjoy developing solutions in such a diverse environment where I can be part of something big.

I became a developer because the ability to change the world really is at your fingertips. To me being successful means seeing that I can make a difference, influence people and drive ideas. At SAP I have all that it needs for that: A great team, challenging tasks and (most of the time) free choice of how solutions should look like.

Working in my team is a pleasure. Most decisions are first discussed internally, and everybody contributes. There is no “loudest-guy” or “fear-driven” development. We play together like an orchestra where everybody is needed and plays a significant role. We’re strong as a team. We all have different skills so while working we’re also learning from each other which is a huge benefit.

What I really like about SAP is that I can directly approach anybody. People are willing to help and support you wherever they can. It feels like that there is no barrier between colleagues, and we can interact in a more relaxed and friendly way.

After work I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with cooking and baking. You should really try my cheesecake! Nothing brings me down to earth more than a good glass of wine or relaxing with a book. If I had to change careers tomorrow, I would open a cheesecake-only bakery and supply the world with delicious cake. If only I could combine that with my passion for writing code!

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