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Philipp Meyer

Software-Engineer, Application Innovation Services (AIS)

Philipp's Story

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I consider myself a pretty lucky guy. I grew up in Walldorf, Germany, riding or driving by the SAP campus almost every day.

Philipp Meyer


I consider myself a pretty lucky guy. I grew up in Walldorf, Germany, riding or driving by the SAP campus almost every day. As a child, many of my parents’ friends worked at SAP, and as a young adult, many of my own peers worked there.

After I finished university with my degree in engineering, I thought maybe I should pursue working elsewhere. SAP felt too . . . safe, too close to home in a way. But after doing extensive research about large companies in Germany, I could not avoid the data I was presented with: SAP is the best company to work for in Germany. I contacted people I knew who worked there, and they mimicked what I was reading online. SAP is a great place to work with cutting edge business software.

I explored SAP’s careers website for relevant job openings for me. When I saw the job description for a role in the Application Innovation Services (AIS) department, it caught my eye. The description called for people who were curious and quality focused. The reason I majored in Engineering at university is because being curious and wanting things to be just right is exactly my personality. During the application process, the SAP recruiter and hiring manager were so nice, fast and professional. I applied on a Wednesday and I had an interview on campus the next week.

In October 2018, I became an SAP software developer in the AIS department. Still feels a bit surreal to say that! We have one major task in the department: incident processing. Our customers who have our software up and running in their company report errors or need assistance, and it’s my job to help find a resolution. The customer reports an error from somewhere in their own business process, and I have to find that linkage to the error in the coding of the software. I am naturally such a curious person and I want things to be working as they should. When something isn’t working for no reason, honestly it drives me crazy.

With each incident, I learn about our software and about our customers My manager says my strength is communicating and interacting with customers, and I think she’s right. Sometimes the customer’s question is very urgent. Whatever is broken is very much impacting the customer’s ability to do business. I bring both a sense of urgency and a calmness when I am speaking with that customer, and my customer in turn feels like there is a capable and trustworthy SAP employee who is on the task.

The AIS department is responsible for SAP’s most important software products, used in many countries and across many industries, and contributes to 44% (12B Euros) of SAP’s revenue. Once a product is finished the development cycle, it generally then becomes the responsibility of our department. This makes the work our teams do varied and interesting, because we have access to both widespread core business applications as well as new technologies.

A very unique aspect of my job is our Customer Connect Project. Once a year, our customers make a wish list for new functionality. Engaging with our customers during this process is an opportunity for me and my team members to directly impact and enhance the software based on the customers’ ideas. It’s a unique experience and one of the many reasons I love working in AIS.

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