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Education and research with SAP Next-Gen

We enable the next generation to learn, research, and innovate with business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise.

What is SAP Next-Gen?

Learn. Research. Innovate.

SAP Next-Gen is a global community for students, universities, schools and educational partners, who are passionate about innovation and technology. Our community leverages more than 2,800 educational institutions in over 100 countries. Our goals are to:

  • Stimulate learning around digital technologies, twenty-first century skills and business applications 
  • Enable research together with universities and organizations in the SAP ecosystem tackling industry use cases 
  • Inspire to innovate with SAP to create a meaningful impact on the world

Explore our programs and initiatives

Students and recent graduates

Learn about technology and innovation that can help you shape the future and use your skills and certifications by joining SAP or our ecosystem of partners and customers.

Universities and academia

Get access to SAP software, teaching materials and related support as member of SAP University Alliances. 

Teachers and schools

Get access to learning content about twenty-first century skills and first insights into IT and SAP solutions as a member of SAP Young Thinkers.

Education and industry partners

Join forces with us to educate and innovate with the next generation. We work on projects with industry partners, start-ups, NGOs and NFOs.


Connect with us

Follow us on social media under #SAPNextGen #UniversityAlliances and #YoungThinkers

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