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We enable the next generation to learn, research, and innovate with business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise.

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We help teachers and schools educate and inspire people around the world. Become a member of SAP Young Thinkers and get access to learning content to teach twenty-first century skills and insights into computer science and SAP solutions.

SAP Young Thinkers

Started in 2015 as a grassroots movement, SAP Young Thinkers supports teaching hands-on to inspire young people at secondary and vocational schools – as well as curious IT beginners – to learn about computer and data science and the economy.

  • Use our knowledge, skills, methodology, and technology to excite and motivate youth to explore, experiment, and become experts
  • Collaborate as a member institution to exchange best practices and increase your impact
  • Share our spirit and encourage young thinkers to celebrate learning together

Why join SAP Young Thinkers?

SAP Young Thinkers members have access to learning content, and are able to gain insights into computer science and SAP solutions, enabling them to teach twenty-first century skills. Different offerings distinguish an associate membership from a full membership, and equip all community members with opportunities to collaborate, gain knowledge, share best-practices with peers, and much more.

Explore our teaching offerings

Today’s world requires new ways of learning. We believe digital literacy, critical and solution-oriented ways of thinking are essential skills of the twenty-first century. At the same time, learning needs to be fun, experiential, and voluntary. Find out how we enable learning.

Computer and data science with Snap! programming

Snap!, a cloud-native graphical programming environment and online community, has been translated into more than 40 languages and is used around the world – from Auckland to Walldorf – for teaching and research. Snap! has been designed for inclusion and is developed by UC Berkeley and SAP. Its low floor welcomes beginners and its multi-media capabilities invite creative thinkers of all ages. At the same time, Snap! offers sophisticated abstractions that are otherwise only found in the most advanced programming languages for artificial intelligence.

Command control of microcontrollers with MicroBlocks

MicroBlocks is a live, parallel, visual programming language for microcontrollers. It works on a variety of devices, including the micro:bit, Calliope, Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, NodeMCU, M5Stack, and many others. It aims to make the programming of physical devices One of the founders and developers is Bernat Romagosa, working @ SAP Young Thinkers. Should this be included to make the connection to us?simpler and more engaging by adhering to its four basic principles: liveness, autonomy, parallelism, and portability.

Unleash the power of business software with ERPsim

ERPsim is a business simulation game for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA in which participants use a real ERP system to manage their virtual company in a competitive market. Participants will improve their knowledge of business processes and their understanding of how ERP systems are effective at managing those processes. The SAP Young Thinkers and ERPsim Lab Hec Montreal organize these games on regional level and for our member schools.

Teach Artificial Intelligence with IT2School

The Artificial Intelligence modules of IT2School have a simple structure that lets teachers implement the curriculum in classrooms with little prior training. The development is a public-private collaboration in partnership between the University of Oldenburg, the Free University Berlin, and the Wissensfabrik network of which SAP is a member. The modules were developed as an extension to the existing Wissensfabrik IT2School modules and complement the AI course on openSAP.

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SAP Young Thinkers inspires students with a lifetime love of learning and the ability to change the world. Tap into SAP Community to ask a question or share your own experience in a blog post.

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