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Customer Influence and Adoption

Influence SAP software development, adopt new innovations early on, and request specific enhancements or features.

Benefit from our Customer Influence programs

Learn how our Customer Influence programs allow you to influence and adopt SAP innovations throughout the product lifecycle, and explore current projects for each program.

Learn how to join

Step 1: Get started

Get started and browse the Customer Influence website, which uses SAP Cloud Identity for authentication management and is open for all people with an SAP user account.

Step 2: Stay up to date

Find out how to set up your areas of interest, receive notifications or follow a project. 

Step 3: Get involved

Learn how to register for a project as well as submit and manage improvement requests.

Explore influence opportunities available for your product

Our projects are clustered by products, industries, and influence opportunities on the Customer Influence site, the central hub for all SAP influence opportunities. Select your area of interest to learn about all the active projects available within that area.