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Manon: Enhancing employee experiences with digitalized HR management solutions

Explore Manon’s journey with SAP

A wholesale distributor of medical equipment and hygiene products, Shanghai Manon Business Co. Ltd. runs a global operation with more than 100 offices across China. With goals of sustainable growth and employee satisfaction, Manon seeks to nurture its talent. To do this, it needed to increase workforce engagement with modernized HR processes.

The Challenge

Finding and retaining wholesale talent in the modern age

Manon, a Shanghai-based wholesale distributor of medical equipment, hygiene products, household chemicals, and more, runs a global operation out of three branches across China. With over 1,000 employees working on a global scale, the Chinese distributor knew it had to prioritize employee well-being to continue its ongoing success in the distribution scene. The company has a decades-long goal of employee sustainability, so it continuously seeks new ways to find and retain top talent.


To enhance employee experiences, the company sought digitalized HR solutions that could be integrated across its entire operation. Manon wanted to make working hours enjoyable and engaging for each of its employees, so it needed comprehensive HR solutions that solved issues of workforce flexibility, employee engagement, and employee self-service goals. However, it wanted to make the transition to new software, solutions, and processes a smoother experience by working closely with a team of highly trained professionals who could provide continual guidance during new software implementation. This guided implementation was a top priority for the company as it wanted to decrease risk, potential drops in productivity, and employee dissatisfaction.

The Solution

Optimizing employee experiences with digital HR solutions

Manon decided to use a diverse selection of digitalized solutions from SAP to manage the implementation of its employee-centric approach to HR. The company went live with SAP SuccessFactors solutions as they offered a thoroughly digitalized approach to overhauling HR processes. The selected solutions were specifically chosen to boost employee engagement by offering streamlined self-service processes in HR channels, so employees across the enterprise could quickly find the resources they needed to continue to work smoothly.


To make the transition to new HR software as smooth as possible for its employees, Manon also decided to onboard SAP Enterprise Support services, the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program, and SAP Enterprise Academy Advisory Council. SAP Enterprise Support provides essential expertise and best practices on data migration methodology, which Manon knew it needed in order to maintain its organizational flow throughout its transition. Additionally, the distributor wanted to use SAP Enterprise Support Academy to put data regarding updates to features and functionality at the fingertips of relevant HR personnel. The company also wanted continuous quality checks on a remote basis, which SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council could provide with its action plans and detailed, insight-driven recommendations based on best practices from SAP.

The Result

Integrating digitalized HR systems with minimal risk

After the guided implementation of SAP SuccessFactors solutions, Manon has seen a marked improvement in workforce engagement and overall employee satisfaction. With SAP SuccessFactors solutions, employees now have greater opportunities to service their own HR needs at a much quicker rate. SAP SuccessFactors solutions have enabled Manon employees to meet their HR goals, experience smoother onboarding processes, and become more engaged. While this revelation itself is a significant boost for employee engagement, the secure integration of these solutions thanks to expert guidance from SAP allowed these benefits to arise more quickly.


SAP Enterprise Support, SAP Enterprise Support Academy, and SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council all boosted the company’s transition with tailored advice and support. Manon HR personnel could easily access necessary resources, recommendations, and best practices from knowledgeable SAP experts and data centers, allowing them to answer employee questions and make the transition a much smoother process.

SAP helps Manon run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Created opportunities for employee self-service for HR needs
  • Guided a transition to new software with continuous quality checks
  • Provided transition data to relevant Manon HR personnel
  • Offered Manon’s HR department with best practices from SAP for a smoother implementation

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP SuccessFactors solutions transform traditional HR practices into engaging experiences that help employees perform at their best.
  • SAP Enterprise Support creates clear engagement plans and jointly established business goals. It helps businesses secure existing investments and optimize operations.
  • SAP Enterprise Support Academy provides businesses with expert guidance and high knowledge-transfer services that help transform operations into an intelligent enterprise.
  • SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council helps improve the implementation of SAP Enterprise Support services by providing hands-on, expert advice and access to relevant resources.

About Manon

Shanghai Manon Business Co. Ltd is a Chinese wholesale distributor specializing in medical equipment, hygiene products, and household chemicals. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, the company distributes products across the world and employs over 1,000 employees across three branches.