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Eezee: Streamlining procurement for customers in a transparent partner ecosystem

Explore Eezee’s journey with SAP

Managing procurement can be a big ask; sourcing items from safety shoes to stationery from multiple vendors is a challenge. B2B marketplace Eezee Pte. Ltd. takes the stress out of procurement by connecting buyers with top brands such as 3M and Philips on one platform. And it connects smoothly with these buyers using SAP Business Network.


week to integrate a new buyer.


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SAP Business Network is a best-of-breed offering with a highly professional support team. It lets us focus on our key value proposition of streamlining maintenance, repair, and operations procurement for buyers.

Logan Tan
CEO, Eezee Pte. Ltd.

Unifying operations to provide a great experience for buyers and sellers

Eezee makes procurement – easy. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, many of Asia’s most effective enterprises use its online marketplace to buy high-quality maintenance, repair, and operations supplies and other business products. This saves them time and money they would otherwise devote to finding, onboarding, and managing suppliers.


While helping buyers manage their supply chains more effectively, Eezee also strives to give sellers full control of their products, prices, and customers to maximize sales.


Eezee is committed to providing a customer-centric e-commerce experience that is intuitive, transparent, and secure. A robust technology framework built by its in-house team supports this commitment. With its bid events sporadic and unpredictable, Eezee needed to centralize sourcing and bid requirements for buyers and sourcing relationships in a single solution. This would allow for nimble responses to business opportunities and speedy follow-up on customers’ operational requirements.

Clients that use Eezee choose us for our ability to streamline their entire procurement function. We find that firms using SAP Business Network share the same mindset as our target customers – innovative and forward looking. This mindset enables smoother adoption.

Logan Tan
CEO, Eezee Pte. Ltd.

Collaborating with buyers and sellers on one robust network

Eezee decided SAP Business Network would offer the transparency, resiliency, and sustainability to help it deliver what buyers and sellers need.


Supplier integration experts from SAP provided extensive support as Eezee onboarded to the network. Eezee CEO Logan Tan says, “The team’s professional approach helped us overcome any onboarding challenges. It’s great to know we can rely on experts from SAP for implementation support.”


Also key to a successful project were open communication, use of a common language between teams, and ongoing training. The experts from SAP helped train Eezee’s teams from project kickoff and testing to the go-live and hypercare phases. As Tan explains, “Every new system takes time to be adopted. What we’ve learned is to take it as a journey as opposed to a tick-the-box exercise.”

Seizing growth opportunities while smoothing procurement for buyers

Thanks to SAP Business Network, Eezee now offers buyers and sellers a far superior user experience. Customers can buy more intelligently and efficiently, reflecting Eezee’s key value proposition of streamlining procurement for buyers. For example, buyers no longer need to spend time obtaining quotations from suppliers, as they now have access to all the required data through the new partner ecosystem. And automated processes mean they don’t have to manually enter data from a quotation into their organization’s e-procurement system, reducing workload further.


Real-time information means an organization’s e-commerce site reflects the latest prices as listed on a supplier’s Web site, improving accuracy and eliminating the need to update this information.


Streamlined user management also saves Eezee’s customers time and money. With user data passed directly from SAP Ariba solutions to Eezee’s new system, customers don’t have to set up accounts for new users or maintain user data, a significant time savings in organizations with thousands of users.


Eezee’s internal operations are also more efficient. Being able to integrate smoothly with SAP Business Network means Eezee’s IT teams can support customers with greater scalability. For instance, it now takes, on average, one week to integrate a new buyer, with SAP Business Network as a key partner in this ecosystem.


Tan appreciates the flexibility of its new approach, explaining, “SAP has done a remarkable job in being able to support major organizations regionally, and that speaks volumes about how well the network is performing to support buyers and their needs.”


The benefits of SAP Business Network go far beyond faster integration and more-efficient operations. The network has opened up new business opportunities that have spurred significant growth. Tan states, “Apart from just meeting customers’ demands, the company really saw an opportunity to grow the business through tapping into the wider client network.”


Eezee has seen sales and transactions grow since joining SAP Business Network. Purchase-order (PO) flow with one integrated supplier increased by 310% to 932 POs per year, while the supplier reduced the effort involved in managing around 1,000 POs annually.

Tapping into the network to expand the business sustainably

Eezee’s journey with SAP Business Network continues. As Tan says, “SAP has been an important partner to Eezee. We wish to deepen the business relationship and explore mutually beneficial opportunities through SAP Business Network.”


To support its sustainability goals, the company is now exploring logistics partners that invest in eco-friendly packaging. And, aided by the network’s strong supplier visibility, it wants to help buyers make informed choices about the sustainability of their own supply chains.