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More of what you want when you want it: SAP Customer Experience LIVE

Discover how industry-tailored, intelligent customer experience (CX) solutions help customers get more of what they want from brand engagements.

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Learn about industry-tailored, AI-powered experiences, including customer stories, live demos, and expert insights. Discover the future of CX solutions and SAP's vision for intelligent customer experiences as we unveil exciting product announcements. Take a glimpse into the future and be inspired by our visionary customers, partners, and executives.

On-demand video library

Browse our on-demand video library to discover more ways intelligent CX solutions are transforming the customer experience.

Customer videos

Miele Professional Streamlines B2B Sales with SAP CX

See how Miele Professional uses the SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud solutions to make B2B selling more intelligent and efficient.

smart Europe Breaks New Ground in Automotive CX

Learn how smart Europe GmbH is revolutionizing consumers' relationships with their cars, with CX and industry solutions from SAP.

How FC Bayern is Scoring with Fan Experiences

Discover how FC Bayern is achieving its goal of providing fans with unforgettable experiences during every interaction using SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.

ALDO Connects People, Fashion, and Technology For a Unified Shopping Experience

Learn how ALDO integrated SAP technology to seamlessly connect shoppers with the right products based on availability, location, segmentation, and preferences.

Industry use cases for CX

Revolutionizing Retail: Optimize Your CX from Discovery to Delivery

Turn hiccups into opportunities. From real-time delay identification to personalized marketing and service, discover how intelligent CX solutions can help reduce costs and build customer loyalty.

Revolutionizing Consumer Products: Enhance CX to Make Moments That Matter

Explore how brands collaborate with retailers to get their products into the hands of consumers and ensure exceptional customer experiences.

Revolutionizing Utilities: Offer New Business Models Through Intelligent CX

Uncover the potential for utility companies to transform their customer experience and drive business expansion with intelligent CX solutions.

Revolutionizing Automotive: Provide a Smoother End-to-End Value-Added Car-Buying Journey

Learn how automotive companies are streamlining vehicle purchasing and maintenance to fuel business growth and create an extraordinary customer experience.

Product overviews

Generative AI for Intelligent CX Overview

Supercharge sales, boost e-commerce, and improve customer service with generative AI for intelligent CX solutions.

SAP Commerce Cloud Overview

Experience flexible composability, smooth integration, and intuitive, AI-driven merchandising with the SAP Commerce Cloud solution.

SAP Sales Cloud Overview

Harness machine learning and generative AI to maximize sales performance and drive revenue with the SAP Sales Cloud solution.

SAP Service Cloud Overview

Increase service efficiency and deliver outstanding customer experiences that drive customer loyalty and revenue growth with the SAP Service Cloud solution.

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Overview

Boost customer lifetime value and deliver real-time, personalized, scalable omnichannel experiences with the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement solution.

SAP Customer Data Cloud Overview

Speed time to value, minimize compliance challenges, and usher in a new era for customer engagement with SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions.

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