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What experience says about sustainability

Companies that are skilled at managing sustainability have a lot to teach us. Learn their lessons.



Does your business have a talent for sustainability?

Survey respondents say that sustainability is important to their future. That will require making sustainability a talent that is second nature to everyone in the company.

10 Fast Facts from SAP Insights' sustainability survey

Businesses are connecting sustainability with new ways to operate and define success. Here are ten key takeaways from our study.

How to ace the sustainability learning curve​

Sustainability isn't easy. So we’re passing you the notes that will get you to the head of the class.

Acing the sustainability curve: what we learned from experienced companies

Five lessons from companies that have already gotten started with improving their sustainability efforts. Dive into the findings.

Watch: How to ace the sustainability learning curve

Every company can take action to improve the environment – but those that have already gotten started have some things in common.

How to get better at sustainability data​

Sustainability data is a rocket booster for business decision-making. Here’s how the leaders are doing it.

Who are the Operationals?​

Our research identifies a group of businesses that are using environmental data to guide their strategy and operations. We call them the Operationals.

Watch: How to get better at sustainability data

Want to lead the way in sustainability? Start by making the most of your environmental data. The Operationals show us three ways to do that.


More sustainability management stories

Businesses are working toward zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

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