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Drive efficiency and growth with intelligent ERP in the cloud

Our cloud ERP solutions use intelligent technologies to help you grow, innovate, and optimize time and resources – no matter the size of your business.

Welcome to the Intelligent Enterprise-
the next generation of ERP

Explore the benefits of cloud enterprise resource planning

The business value of cloud ERP software

Why SAP for ERP cloud?

Guide: How to create value with next-generation ERP

Learn about the latest SaaS ERP trends

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David Foulcher
Vice President SAP
Business ByDesign APJ & GC.

The benefits of Cloud ERP for small business

Discover how three growing businesses switched to ERP services in the cloud to automate their processes – and haven't looked back since.

Michael Schmitt
Global lead for SAP Business ByDesign

A fresh look at Cloud ERP brings new growth to SME

Implementing or upgrading an ERP system may seem daunting. But a digital core enabled by an intelligent, cloud-based ERP platform can be vital to your growth.


The untapped potential of digital transformation

Explore the results of a study that found that 80% of smaller businesses see tangible benefits when they embark on digital transformation.

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