man using SAP Integration Suite on a laptop

Future-proof your IT landscape 

Future-proof your IT landscape to accelerate digital transformation initiatives

As digital transformation initiatives increase, the number of requests for data feeds from older systems is skyrocketing. With hundreds of legacy applications in existing landscapes, IT departments often cannot cope with the growing demand, making it a challenge to safely expose business logic and data without compromising ongoing operations.

Leverage and extend legacy systems to support new business models, platforms, and technologies

Modernize your IT landscape to meet evolving business priorities and needs against the backdrop of digital transformation.

  • Speed up digital transformation initiatives by seamlessly merging newer cloud technologies with legacy applications
  • Leverage the power of APIs to get data in real time from legacy systems
  • Maintain business continuity and smooth operations                                                        

Why SAP?

Below are suggested solutions from SAP that will help future-proof your IT landscape and help you unlock the value of your existing investments with an API-first approach.


SAP Integration Suite

  • Use cloud-native process integration to extend business processes with new cloud applications quickly through a standard interface, connecting ground-to-ground, ground-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud applications
  • Manage and securely expose APIs from legacy systems to enterprise and ecosystem developers in an API portal and define and manage any additional APIs to other systems
  • Enable applications to publish business events to help ensure related applications can react appropriately

SAP Business Accelerator Hub

  • Access a catalog of SAP and selected partner APIs to enable innovation

API Management

  • Leverage full lifecycle management capabilities  to design, publish, and manage APIs
  • Expose processes and data as APIs through their complete end-to-end lifecycle
  • Engage with application developers and monetize your digital assets through API portals