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Create simple, connected digital experiences with API-based integration

Manage the full life-cycle of your APIs

Unlock new opportunities in the API economy.

Accelerate Real-time API-based Integration

  • Create omnichannel access while hiding the complexity of underlying heterogeneous landscapes.
  • Generate new revenue streams by monetizing APIs.
  • Leverage 40+ Out-of-the-box policies to manage, mediate and secure your APIs.
  • Benefit from real-time analytics
  • See how agile data grids and microservices support a digital integration hub architecture.

Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

Why use SAP API Management

API Management is a core component of SAP Integration Suite which is the integration platform as a service (IPaaS) from SAP that offers a broad range of integration styles including API-led integrations. The following scenarios around API led integration capabilities are supported.

  • Real-time API-based Integration to support omnichannel access and improve customer experiences. In these scenarios organizations are using APIs to create omnichannel access and hiding the complexity of underlying heterogeneous landscapes by managing this using API Management.
  • Ecosystems and marketplaces to expose open APIs managed via API Management to integrate into marketplaces, build ecosystems through digital channels as well as create new revenue streams by monetizing APIs.
  • Agile data grids and microservices to support a Digital Integration Hub to create a real-time digital access layer to insulate heterogenous transaction backends using in-memory data grids and leveraging microservice-based architectures.

Value driven results

As a long time user of SAP technology, Globus turned to SAP to help enhance its customer loyalty program. Not only did SAP bring proven expertise in CRM especially for retail but it also offered a hybrid integration solution that provided the power and stability as well as the flexibility needed to quickly innovate new services and offerings.

Building a powerful yet flexible loyalty management system

As one of Germany’s most popular shopping destinations, Globus SB Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG knows that customer experience in the retail grocery segment often makes the difference between good and great. To keep customers coming back, the German Globus hypermarkets offer the customer loyalty program “Mein Globus” (My Globus). But an outdated CRM system made it difficult to improve and enhance the program. To unify  customer data, better leverage insight, and innovate new ways to improve the customer experience Globus turned to SAP.

Our new customer loyalty management solution from SAP lets us tailor offers to our most valuable customers. We have the insight and flexibility to quickly innovate ever better shopping experiences.
Wolfgang Hiemisch
Director of IT Innovation and Development,
Globus SB Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG

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