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The integration of several roads

Simplify connectivity to any application with Open Connectors  

Simplify, standardize, and accelerate connectivity

Achieve seamless integration

  • Use prebuilt connectors to simplify, standardize, and accelerate connectivity with third-party cloud applications
  • Take advantage of open RESTful APIs and JSON data format, regardless of underlying third-party service architecture
  • Apply common resource definitions to transform data fields from one or more third-party applications into a normalized form
  • Support bulk data upload and download data in a normalized way, regardless of the underlying service architecture
  • Leverage common resources for building a canonical data model for extending pre-built connectors

Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

Why use Open Connectors

Open Connectors is a core component of SAP Integration Suite that provides prebuilt and feature-rich connectors to simplify the connectivity and seamless integration to non-SAP cloud applications.


Unify the Developer Experience
Regardless of the application’s backend – REST, SOAP, proprietary SDK, database, etc – Open Connectors creates a unified API layer and standards-based implementation across every environment to ensure integration users, and their use cases are decoupled from the backend services on which they rely.

Open Connectivity
With over 160 pre-built connectors to some of the most popular third party applications, Open Connectors makes it easy and fast to integrate across your entire IT landscape.

Accelerate Integration
Benefit from connectivity to third-party APIs via harmonized RESTful APIs, with built-in interactive API documentation in Open API specification and normalized authentication. Leverage built in security capabilities for safe connectivity to third-party applications.

Value driven results


interfaces connected through SAP Integration Suite



messages processed on average daily through the Cloud Integration capability in SAP Integration Suite



API calls per month through the API Management capability in SAP Integration Suite


Learn how Elkjøp created the next-generation customer experience to support mobility, unified channels, and a seamless customer journey. This was done by integrating SAP and non-SAP systems with additional third-party systems smoothly and securely to reduce risk and give Elkjøp a robust IT platform for the future.

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