SAP SE Executive Board

The Executive Board is the governing body of SAP SE. Subject to the requirements of stock corporation law, the Executive Board is committed to SAP's interests and bound by SAP company policy. It provides the Supervisory Board with regular, prompt, and comprehensive reports about all essential issues of business, corporate strategy, and potential risks.

Christian Klein

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dominik Asam

Chief Financial Officer

Sabine Bendiek

Chief People & Operating Officer and Labor Relations Director

Juergen Mueller

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Russell

Customer Success

Thomas Saueressig

SAP Product Engineering

Julia White

Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer 

SAP SE Supervisory Board

The SAP SE Supervisory Board advises and supervises the SAP SE Executive Board. The number of members and the composition of the Supervisory Board is determined by the Articles of Incorporation and the Agreement of the Involvement of the European Employees in SAP SE. SAP's Supervisory Board currently comprises nine members elected by the shareholders at their General Meeting and nine members representing the European employees of the SAP group.