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SAP and Accenture

SAP and Accenture are co-innovating to help customers embed sustainability into their core business processes and across their entire value and supply chains.

Co-innovation for a circular economy


SAP and Accenture’s partnership aims to help clients measure, manage, and deliver in the circular economy while recognizing the need to go way beyond net zero and carbon to energy, water, waste, deforestation, and ocean pollution - by protecting biodiversity and being nature-positive in our global value chains.

SAP and Accenture’s goal is to make sustainability profitable and profitability sustainable.

To achieve this, enterprises must integrate sustainability into the heart of their strategy and core business systems. This is the rationale behind the collaboration between SAP and Accenture, which focuses on innovation, development, and scaling sustainability across five go-to-market sustainability initiatives:

Continuing Our UN Global Compact Partnership

The momentum of the SDG Ambition Accelerator program continues to grow. By embedding SDG-aligned practices deep into their business operations and across their value chains, companies can make more rapid progress toward achieving the goals of the 2030 agenda.

Enabling Customers for a Zero-Carbon Economy

SAP and Accenture work together to help organizations design and deliver carbon intelligence strategies that are powered by SAP solutions and technologies and address both direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Taking Action Toward a Zero-Waste Economy

We are co-developing solutions that address critical customer challenges including managing complex material flows through supply chains and creating business processes for sustainable and profitable growth through less plastic, fewer fines, and lower cost.

Expanding SAP.iO Sustainability Cohorts

Accenture and SAP are also tapping into their respective global innovation networks to nurture and engage startups through a sustainability focused startup program to help address climate action, carbon reporting, and circular economy challenges across industries.

Enabling Better ESG Reporting and Steering

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance is vital in meeting customers’ regulatory requirements. We work together to help customers create holistic, transparent, enterprise-wide sustainability performance management.

Our sustainability partnership is grounded in shared values

We’re helping companies accelerate their sustainability transformation, unlock new sources of value across the entire enterprise, and lead in the circular economy.

Why Accenture?

Accenture and SAP have a longstanding relationship that extends more than 40 years. As a leading business partner, we work with SAP end-to-end from product innovation to development and delivery. Together, we are revolutionizing the future of business.

SAP Responsible Design and Production

SAP and Accenture have co-developed SAP Responsible Design and Production – a solution that helps companies design products sustainably and build a regenerative business in a circular economy.

Innovative sustainability strategies and solutions

Accenture and SAP form a powerful team to help clients deliver on the sustainability mission. We combine advisory, innovation and next-generation solution development in a unique partnership to help our clients shape, deliver and measure their end-to-end sustainability transformations. 

As advisors, innovators, and solution developers, we help clients define and enable sustainability strategies – reduce carbon footprints, for example, or curb waste – and, at the same time, create new sources of value for the business.

Schedule a discussion with our team to learn how we can partner with you to guide your sustainability journey.

Learn more about the SAP and Accenture partnership

Helping clients progress on circular economy initiatives

Watch how Wesley Spindler represents Accenture at the 3BL event and how they partner with SAP to work on a greener future together. 

Accelerating a sustainable future powered by SAP Sustainability Control Tower

Accenture’s Stephanie Guimbellot, Managing Director; Global Lead SAP Sustainability & Innovation shares how the SAP and Accenture partnership helps solve our client’s biggest challenges by using sustainability to drive business success.

Teaming up on innovation for a circular economy

SAP and Accenture have co-innovated SAP Responsible Design and Production, which helps companies better manage materials and address rapidly changing policies.

Joining forces to embed sustainability along value chains

Learn how SAP and Accenture are helping organizations embed sustainability across their business.

Stephanie Guimbellot
Global Lead, Sustainability and Innovation, SAP Business Group | Accenture
Achieving high sustainability ambitions with RISE with SAP

The shift to the cloud is an ideal opportunity to embed sustainability into core business operations across the whole value chain. It's also a way for companies to transform both sustainability and core business IT in parallel.

Stephanie Guimbellot
Global Lead, Sustainability and Innovation, SAP Business Group | Accenture
Is your SAP system green enough?

Sustainability is rapidly rising to the top of the corporate agenda. Just about everyone – from company leaders to employees and from customers to investors and governments – expects business to play its part in helping the world get to net zero.

SAP Community for Climate Action

With Accenture’s transformation services and SAP’s climate action program, we are working with customers to reduce their carbon footprint across the entire enterprise. Together, we are committed to zero emissions.

SAP Community for Sustainability

SAP Community promotes dialogue among the SAP ecosystem about our sustainable future and the impact we can achieve together.

Supporting ecosystem innovators

Accenture is teaming up with SAP’s innovation accelerator, SAP.iO, to engage sustainable technology startups. Together, we are building an ecosystem of complementary sustainability solutions and capabilities for our joint customers.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our partnership both embraces, and acts on, achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations Global Compact.

Five Actions for Sustainable Business

In order to enable a more sustainable future, business leaders must take five essential actions.

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