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SAP and Deloitte

Business results come sooner with an outcomes-based approach to end-to-end business transformation capabilities.

Navigate every change with strategic thinking and design experience


Deloitte is helping global industry leaders create the built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise. Discover its holistic approach to transformation, innovative solutions that target clear business outcomes, and a worldwide network of business and technology specialists focused on SAP solutions.

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Why Deloitte?

As SAP Pinnacle Award winner for the Partner of the Year category, Deloitte enables organizations to evolve continuously with the belief that the journey to the cloud is only the beginning and SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is an essential first step. For the SAP partner, SAP BTP is an IT imperative that provides the flexibility and agility organizations need to unleash new opportunities to innovate. Deloitte’s unparalleled experience and knowledge of SAP BTP, along with its decades of experience working with SAP customers, provide the change management, strategic thinking, and design experience required to pilot a successful cloud transition.


The artificial intelligence solution autonomously detects process optimization potential in data from ERPs, such as SAP S/4HANA.


The service is available in SAP BTP integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud to complete the end-to-end compliance loop.


Kinetic Finance Startup

The machine learning and robotic process automation service rapidly transforms financial data into a new landscape aligned with the SAP S/4HANA solution for central finance.


The complete set of services streamlines the journey of RISE with SAP to unlock cloud-enabled business transformation.

Industry cloud

The apps are built on SAP BTP and enable the extension of industry-specific capabilities in the cloud to deliver meaningful outcomes.


Delivery transformation

Transform quickly, cost-efficiently, and continuously with intelligent capabilities embedded in key enablement offerings.

Core-to-edge value

Innovate flexibly and put SAP technologies to work quickly with minimal technical debt by using industry-focused offerings.

Foundational cloud strength

Simplify and speed your transformation with insights gained from extensive experience in public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Smooth operations

Boost the value of transformation with AI-enabled operations, continuous process optimization, process intelligence, and more.

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Turning data into value

Explore how Costain increased transportation efficiency, lowered emissions, and saved public funds by unifying project data.

Unifying financial management systems

Check out how Cornèr Bank streamlined accounting by reimagining work group-wide with an integrated finance solution.

Adapting to a new reality

Learn how CTT laid the foundation for a more agile, future-ready enterprise to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

How Deloitte helps drive the transformation journey

Considerations and best practices for moving SAP ERP to the Cloud

In this point-of-view paper based on interviews with experts from SAP and Deloitte, find out why transitioning to the cloud requires a significant change in business thinking.

Enable resiliency, innovation, and growth

Hear how to drive critical outcomes while reaping the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning with SAP BTP.

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