SAP Access Violation Management by Pathlock

Assess the financial exposure created by business transactions to streamline access-risk processes and cut governance costs.

Manage and control access risk and assess its financial impact


Gain insights into the financial impacts of access risk, so you can make informed, proactive decisions about access control.

  • Hybrid deployment
  • Centralized, standardized access processes across all applications
  • Automation of the identification and review of actual access violations
  • Summary of the financial impact of actual violations

Key Benefits

Understand the cost of access violations

Associate a dollar value with access risk violations so you can prioritize remediation efforts and help business users take appropriate actions.

Reduce manual control and eliminate false positives

Use integrated technology to automate risk identification and exception-based monitoring controls for tracking resolution of exceptions.

Centralize tracking of investigations and resolutions

Track the investigation and resolution of each incident so you can then resolve issues in a graphical, intuitive user interface designed for business users.

Key Features

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Exposure assessment of access risk on the business

  • Analyze data to predict the impact of risk and detail and summarize the value of actual access violations
  • Identify which users pose the greatest risk with an 80-20 exception analysis
  • Help users prioritize and remediate violations with management dashboards and reports

Summary of the bottom-line impact of access risk

  • Determine the financial risk of access violations and articulate financial exposure of access risk
  • Identify instances where actual SoD violations occurred and minimize the risk of internal fraud and loss of revenue
  • Facilitate rapid deployment with a library of configurable, automated controls

Exception-based access violation monitoring

  • Notify business users only when exceptions occur 
  • Provide more comprehensive coverage than the incomplete approach of sample testing
  • Track investigation and resolution of each incident until resolved
  • Reduce manual control efforts and false positives

Reduction of enterprise-wide access governance cost

  • Centralize access governance activities across enterprise applications and leverage a library of built-in integration functionality
  • Eliminate administrative silos and provide a more complete picture
  • Enable real-time risk analysis and provisioning, user access reviews, and role management

Technical and Security Information

Protect your enterprise with the built-in security features and add-on solutions from
SAP. This product can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and is available as software as a service (SaaS), so you can access your software from any Web browser.

Data security

Help protect confidentiality and data integrity.

Business process security

Support compliance with regulatory requirements.

Risk and threat mitigation

Drive continuous improvement across your operations.

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