SAP Corporate Serialization

Never lose sight of your uniquely serialized products when you track them across an intelligent product lifecycle.

Keeping track of uniquely serialized products, components, and assets

By capturing transactional and event data from distributed systems in a corporate serial number tracking repository, you can gain insights into tracked objects’ lifecycle events and related transactions to support process visibility and lay the foundations for regulatory compliance. 


View the history, status, and location of serialized products and more by using the SAP Corporate Serialization application to track their lifecycle for important insights across procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and maintenance.

  • On-premise deployment or cloud deployment
  • Corporate-level system
  • Serial number and unique identifier generation and distribution
  • High data volume capacity


Close the product lifecycle knowledge gap

Keep object event and transactional information for the product lifecycle in a single corporate-level repository, so you always have the insights you need.

Monitor the integrity of product distribution

Account for all serialized products and components across their lifecycle and

Achieve product lifecycle intelligence

Track the lifecycle of serialized products and equipment across procurement, finished assemblies, and distribution and maintenance.


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Corporate object event repository

  • Track lifecycle events and business transactions related to item-serialized components
  • Keep track of products and assets and related lots
  • Improve the accuracy of logistics aggregations and changes to technical structures

Central-level serial number management

  • Define, create, distribute, and account for unique identifiers or unique serial numbers
  • Enhance serial number management related to packaging lines, manufacturing, systems, and business partners
  • Enable anti-counterfeit initiatives


  • Integrate with SAP S/4HANA, SAP or third-party warehouse management systems, and third-party systems
  • Take advantage of integration through defined interfaces

Technical and Security Information

This product can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, and system and software requirements vary by specific customer scenarios.

Data security

Help protect confidentiality and data integrity.

Business process security

Support compliance with regulatory requirements.

Risk and threat mitigation

Drive continuous improvement across your operations.

Installation and setup

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