Supply chain visibility

Identify and analyze supply chain disruptions, take corrective action, and respond and collaborate with external supply chain partners.

Enable intelligent visibility

Intelligent visibility provides a holistic view of your digital supply chain, as it connects the dots across different domains. It enables you to visualize alerts, procedure playbooks, supply network lanes, and embedded analytics and navigate to other functional areas of SAP Integrated Business Planning, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, and SAP Transportation Management. With intelligent visibility, you can detect supply chain disruptions, analyze the situation and its impact, and act on a resolution.

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Manage by exceptions

Because complex supply chains can overwhelm users with information, users want the system to provide an overview of the most pressing issues and suggestions on how to solve them. The SAP Supply Chain Control Tower solution can help users identify these exceptions by providing both context and prioritization to better understand the situation, consider impacts on customers, and analyze the end-to-end materials flow in the context of the alert. Take advantage of machine learning algorithms for custom alerts to remove noise and get more meaningful insights.

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Collaborate across the business network

Unlock the value of SAP IBP and SAP Business Network by extending planning and gaining visibility beyond the four walls of your enterprise. Achieve better planning results by considering constraints from suppliers and contract manufacturers in your supply chain plan and acting on alerts quickly. With easier collaboration and less firefighting, you can reduce costs and improve customer service with a responsive planning approach through SAP Business Network.

Document best practices with procedure playbooks

Procedure playbooks can help solve supply chain issues by documenting best practices and standardizing processes between different teams in an organization. A playbook provides an overview of the issues it helps resolve, the reasons for the issues, and the activities and actions that can be taken to resolve them. It suggests solutions and courses of action to direct you to resolve exception conditions. Users can offer feedback on the value or quality of the procedure playbook and its activities by rating.

Explore all capabilities of integrated business planning

Sales and operations planning

Unify financial and operational stakeholders in one S&OP process to foster collaboration –aligning inventory, service levels, and profitability.

Forecasting and demand management

Automate the statistical forecasting process and apply machine learning algorithms to predict demand.

Inventory planning and optimization

Establish optimal inventory targets that enable you to maximize profits, while ensuring customer service levels.

Response and supply planning

Generate feasible supply plans to meet demand with accurate inventory targets and efficient capacity utilization.

Demand-driven replenishment

Use strategic decoupling points and inventory buffers to control the flow of material through the supply chain.

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